Mary’s Bait Shop has been serving Central Ohio sportsmen for over forty years, and specializes in hunting, fishing, and archery. We offer a wide range of hunting, fishing, and archery products and services.

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What’s New

Fall/Winter Hours

Monday-Saturday   8am-8pm

Sunday                   8am-7pm


             The 2017 boat registrations are now available.

Here’s a Shout-Out to the Cat Fishermen!!

As promised, the new tank is up and running! We now have Chubs, Goldfish, Yellow Bellies, Izzy’s and Leeches in stock. We also have cut and whole Skipjack, Vacuum Sealed frozen Shad, Shrimp, Crawlers, Green Crawlers, Red Worms, Wax Worms, Meal Worms, Craws and FRESH, NEVER FROZEN, Chicken Liver.


The state shooting range at Deer Creek is now open. As usual, the hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-5 pm and closed on Monday, Tuesday and holidays. You must purchase your range permit before arriving at the range, as they are not sold there.

REMEMBER: You MUST have a social security number to get a license. Please make sure to have it with you when obtaining your license.

I have just updated the hunting photos and cleared out the old ones. Check them out!

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